Monday, May 30, 2011

A Topo Chico Facelift for Makeover Monday

This weekend I had a wedding to attend. My husband was officiant at the ceremony and so we dropped the kids with grandparents for the rehearsal and then had a friend watch them the night of the wedding.

I don't get out much, so for the wedding I wanted to look my best. I decided that a little makeover madness was necessary and I didn't have much time.

I started with my hair. I mixed together a couple of teaspoons olive oil with a teaspoon almond oil. I added an egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. I wet my hair and combed this gooey mess through my locks with my fingers. I then wrapped my hair in plastic wrap and a towel while I got dinner ready for the kids (about 15-20 minutes). After that I shampooed and dried my hair as usual. This treatment smelled fantastic and I loved the way my hair felt afterwards. The results were not nearly as stunning as when I made the cream cheese hair pack... but it smelled a whole lot nicer and the clean up was much easier. I'll definitely try this one again.

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I was HIGHLY skeptical about my next treatment.. in fact I already had my blog entry all planned out. The treatment is called a salt face lift... and I must say that rather than being underwhelmed by the results I was extremely surprised. I certainly didn't look like I'd had plastic surgery or Botox (thank god), but my crows feet and laugh lines were much fainter. At a couple of months shy of 41 I actually got carded buying "wedding supplies." I've only been carded three times in recent memory and it has happened twice since I started Makeover Monday. Natural skin care rocks!

Here is all you do:
1. Dissolve one teaspoon of sea salt in 1 cup of hot mineral or filtered water (I used distilled water). The instructions said to boil the water... but I was low on time so I just heated it up enough so that the salt would easily dissolve. When water is warm saturate a cotton ball and apply to face. Leave for 5 minutes.

2. Next I saturate a cotton ball with ice cold mineral water (I used topo chico). I used gentle pressure on my face for thirty seconds to apply the cold water. It felt good to rinse off the salt.

3. Then I dried my face and repeated the treatment several times. I think that the sea salt is a little hard on the skin so this is a treatment that should be used occasionally and not everyday... but I suggest you give it a try.

After that I simply applied a little powder, some lip gloss and a little waterproof mascara (I always cry at weddings). I wore a dress I purchased at a vintage store for 5 dollars and a pair of shoes I bought on sale at Payless for 3.99. My whole look (including a face lift) cost less than $10 dollars.


As always please leave comments and feel free to link up. If you get a chance stop by The Zany Housewife's blog. She may not make it to Makeover Monday this week because she is in the middle of moving... but check out her old Makeover Monday posts.


  1. Good for you! I'm glad this worked out. :)

  2. Don't you just love thrift store deals? You look fabulous! Hope you had a great time.

  3. Why Jenn, you look MARVELOUS! Cups up! xoxo

  4. you look clean n fresh... beautiful! love the dress, but too bad u didnt show us the shoes u wore :(

  5. I just jotted down the salt lift. I think I'll give it a test run this week before I head off to a wedding this weekend. *crossing digits* Now...did you feel like it dried your skin at all? Because lately my skin is feeling oh-so-dry in certain spots...tell me oh-wise-one...

    p.s. love the dress...but I agree with Endy's comment above- I wanted to see it included! :)



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