Thursday, September 29, 2011

It has been a long time since I've written anything for this blog.  I have been busy writing crochet patterns, and trying to get some creative ventures launched before Christmas. So far I have only sold a couple of toys and I haven't sold any patterns yet, but I'll be patient, success doe not happen overnight.  So far I've published 3 patterns in my Ravely store.  Hopefully something will come of all the hard work.    
My basketry class for BOW went wonderfully. I met lots of really nice women and they have invited me back to teach again at the next BOW in March.  I also sold the above batch of toys, a crocheted frisbee and two of my baskets in the fund raising auction and made over $215 for the program.  I had a good time and I look forward to doing it again in the Spring.

Here is a link to the Becoming and Outdoors Woman page.  You can use it to find a BOW near you.

Over the past few weeks I've cooked a lovely Paella with mussels and shrimp,  I made some lovely chilaquiles with New Mexico style green sauce, and I made this stunning hat for your amusement.  I will post my recipe for the chilaquiles soon... and if you are interested in my crochet patterns and more about my basketry you should check out my other blog Worth a Knit.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weaving Baskets in the Woods...

Well I'm off for a wild weekend of weaving baskets in the woods.

I'm leaving tomorrow and heading off to my favorite retreat... Becoming an Outdoors Woman. This will be my first time at BOW as an instructor and I'm a little bit nervous but I must say that I'm excited as well.

I will be back on Sunday with stories and photos to share.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Basketry, Little Creatures and a Trip to the Dentist.

Life has been hectic so I've been taking a break from my blog.

Here is what I've been up to.

I went to the dentist yesterday and it looks like I might be able to postpone the dental surgery for a while. I've been taking good care of myself and it has paid off. I'll have a follow up in 3 months and I'll know more then... but for now I feel good about it.

I have been preparing my basketry materials to teach a class for BOW. I'm very excited about this and I have been collecting, dying, and buying supplies for the two classes I'll be teaching over the weekend. I have been posting a tutorial on my other blog... Worth a Knit and there will be more stuff to come after my class is over.

I have also been crocheting up a storm for online and local sales. I just put a display at a local coffee shop and I have been talking to a popular local gift store about selling some of my handmade toys on consignment. The owner liked my work so hopefully when I have a enough ready I can bring some in for her. I also need to make a few to try out in my Etsy shop and really get that rolling again.

The toys that I'm making right now I also design... so I have been writing up the patterns, taking photographs and trying to create a professional looking pdfs so that I can sell my patterns online. I have had success with the free patterns I've put on Ravelry so I'm hoping that someone will like my work enough to purchase PDFs of the pattern for a couple of bucks.

I still continue to play hard, cook good food, and enjoy my family... I just haven't had the time to write as much about it.


My heart goes out to all the Texans out there that have lost their homes (and in a few cases more) in these tragic wildfires. It has been a rough couple of weeks for many people in the Lone Star State.



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