Thursday, September 29, 2011

It has been a long time since I've written anything for this blog.  I have been busy writing crochet patterns, and trying to get some creative ventures launched before Christmas. So far I have only sold a couple of toys and I haven't sold any patterns yet, but I'll be patient, success doe not happen overnight.  So far I've published 3 patterns in my Ravely store.  Hopefully something will come of all the hard work.    
My basketry class for BOW went wonderfully. I met lots of really nice women and they have invited me back to teach again at the next BOW in March.  I also sold the above batch of toys, a crocheted frisbee and two of my baskets in the fund raising auction and made over $215 for the program.  I had a good time and I look forward to doing it again in the Spring.

Here is a link to the Becoming and Outdoors Woman page.  You can use it to find a BOW near you.

Over the past few weeks I've cooked a lovely Paella with mussels and shrimp,  I made some lovely chilaquiles with New Mexico style green sauce, and I made this stunning hat for your amusement.  I will post my recipe for the chilaquiles soon... and if you are interested in my crochet patterns and more about my basketry you should check out my other blog Worth a Knit.



  1. Your little creatures are darling!!! Hang in there, things will start selling!

  2. That hat cracks me up. I hope your patterns take off and start selling like crazy. Are you going to sell your amigurumis at any craft shows this Christmas?

  3. Thanks guys. Yes Jordon I think I'm going to get a booth at the weekly market on the square. I'm also going to try selling on Etsy.

  4. thinks you and I should collaborate for a "things to buy before Christmas" post/giveaway.

    I bet you could sell a bunch of those adorable critters!

    p.s. LOVE that hat!

    p.p.s. Looking into BOW stuff here. So far I've only found a hiking group for the over 60.

  5. Okay...I just commented. ANd it disappeared. Rats.

  6. Great hat! Great looking food. Super fun having women.



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