Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love pears...

For Mother's Day I got a box of pears. It seems like such a simple thing... a pear... but it was more luxurious than I could have imagined. The pears were all wrapped and hand selected. They didn't look all that special from the outside, but inside they were soft and sweet. For a snack we sliced up a few and I also sliced up a crispy apple for contrast. Both fruits were lovely, but the pear was pure luxury. After reading the box I know how to select the perfect pear. Perhaps now I will find this kind of heaven more often.

This is what I love this Wednesday...


  1. Aww I just got a shot of home. I love pears too and Harry & David is in Southern Oregon. Enjoy your yummy pears!!

  2. My youngest and I love pears too. I like that idea as a gift...a little different and certainly useful!

  3. What a nice gift!! Hope you enjoy them

  4. They look delicious! I love pears -- congrats on the great gift! :)



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