Friday, April 29, 2011

Tacos and Tostados

This could be a photo from my childhood... the divided Pyrex cookware with beans on one side and taco meat on the other. Taco meat nestled in a crispy perfectly formed shell with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mild salsa poured on top. I haven't had this type of taco in a long time. This type of taco just doesn't exist in Mexico. Sure they have crispy shells and they have a ground meat dish called picadillo... but they are about as similar to this dish as those egg rolls you got on the Chinese buffet last night are to ones purchased at a street stall in Guangdong providence in China.
That said I have fond memories of taco night and so I thought that it might be a good dish to try cooking with my kids. A couple of weeks ago we made tostadas and they were a huge hit. The most difficult part of the whole meal was trying to eat them without them falling apart.

Just look at that concentration!

For taco night we simply browned some turkey meat. We added a seasoning packet and there you have it... Nothing could be easier. My older daughter was very proud of herself. I don't often let her cook things on the stove, but now that she is tall enough she has been able to help more freely in the kitchen.

Next we chopped up all the goodies to go on top: Lettuce, tomatoes, and onion. We grated cheese and put the salsa and other condiments on the table.

My big girl got the taco shells all lined up and ready to heat in the oven.

She put some lime juice on the Jicama salad.

She then set the table and took this photo so I could post it here.

This is the Jicama with chili powder on half (for the adults) and the other side plain for the kids. We through in some lime and orange slices.

Here is the finished plate with beans, rice.



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  1. I love taco night!

    That reminds me...we're way overdue for it here at Casa Zany. Mayhaps tonight...



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