Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen--Carrot Salad

Asian Carrot Salad

2 cups matchstick carrots

1/2 of a bell pepper (1/2 C. diced)

2 t. sesame oil

2 t. vegetable oil

juice of one lemon

1 T. soy sauce

1/2-1 t. minced fresh ginger

1 t. sugar

1 clove garlic, minced

1 T. toasted sesame seeds (I toasted them in a skillet on top of the stove)

First I got the kids busy putting things in the bowl, grating ginger and crushing garlic while I toasted the sesame seeds and cut up the vegetables. We put the carrots in a medium bowl. We would have added the diced bell pepper at this point but we were waiting for the Mr. to get back from the store.

My helpers then mixed the remaining ingredients in a bowl (except the sesame seeds). I then pulsed it in the blender to make it nice and smooth. Add the seeds and it's a wonderful sesame dressing that will go well with just about any salad.

There was, of course, tasting going on at this point. I've just convinced my oldest that she likes carrots by explaining to her that they improve night vision. Apparently this little bit of folk wisdom is merely lore, but hey, if my daughter believing that carrots will help her gain super-human eyesight gets her to eat her vegetables I'm all for spreading wives tales. Sadly the wives tale does not extend to sesame oil and both children turned their noses up to the dressing.

Despite their strong feelings about the flavor of the sesame oil, they still poured the dressing over the carrots and stirred it in. We covered it and refrigerated it for a couple of hours and then got busy cleaning up the kitchen and setting the table for dinner. My little one sorted the silverware while my big girl washed up the dishes we made while preparing the salad. I've decided that I'm going to get them to help out more often. It isn't the easiest way to get dinner on the table... but it beats fussing at them for being underfoot, it is a wonderful way to teach them new things, and it encourages them to try foods that they might not otherwise be willing to try. They may not always like it... but hey... at least they try.


  1. I think you've got a great plan there. Working in the kitchen with you is a great experience for them, I'll bet.


  2. Well, what helpful girls you have! And although I'm not a big raw carrot fan, I have to say that does sound good! :)

  3. Kids love to help in the kitchen! Mine do too. It may make things a little bit more difficult but the reward in seeing their pride in helping make something is so worth it. And it totally teaches them things and they might just try something different. Your little helpers are adorable!

  4. This looks scrumptious, and love your little blondies :)

  5. My favorite memories are cooking with my mom. It just isn't as fun by myself.

  6. Nice to see the lovely kids in the kitchen!

  7. I thinking cooking with the kids is a great way to make memories.

  8. I love this. Your kids are so super cute! I just did a carrot salad as well with a citrus dressing. The citrus added a little bit of sweetness which coated the carrots and made it totally taste amazing. Definitely kid-proof! Check it out: www.mycookingtherapy.com.



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