Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Candy filled eggs

Chocolate bunnies and morning sugar highs.

Homemade bunnies and and crocheted eggs.

Finding eggs that the Easter bunny hides.

AA seasoned pro who finds them all in no time.

Silly games played with family.

An unexpected find.

An Easter dinner of ham, mixed veggies, baked beans, salad and this lovely bread... and I didn't have to cook any of it. Now that is happiness!

The first Makeover Monday yesterday went very well... I hope more people will stop by next week... and if you have a makeover post or a beauty secret please use the linking tool and share it!


  1. Not having to cook for a crowd is AWESOME!!!!!

  2. The home made bunny is so cute!

  3. That bread looks awesome. Looks like a great Easter.

  4. What little cuties! Looks like lots of fun.

  5. I LOVE the crocheted bunnies and eggs! Did you make those? I have no talent in that area.

  6. It's always good to have a lizard attend your Easter festivities!


  7. Love the first photo, Jenn. Is she a happy kidlet or what? :)

  8. Thanks all... my kids are cute and wonderful... I love them very much. We had a great time.

    @Sue... yes it is good to have lizars at your easter festivities... we were graced by several... a real bunny rabbit that darted across the field and a small snake. We also had horses and dogs there.

    @ Zany... yes I did make the bunny and egg... thanks I love to make toys for the kids.

  9. yes!!! Not cooking anything is my happiness as well :) Happy Tuesday!

  10. Oh my gosh that first picture is so cute!! If only egg hunts were still super fun when you're 24. Maybe I can talk my mom into hiding money in plastic eggs for me?

  11. You had beautiful egg decorations or food! Even the uninvited guest was cute....

  12. I echo the accolades for the crocheted bunny egg!!! Adorable.

  13. Your Easter bread looks delicious and so colorful!

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