Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colored Eggs

Here's a game from childhood that you might remember... One person is picked to be the wolf... the rest of the kids are colored eggs. Each egg picks a secret color and the game begins like this...
Wolf: Knock knock.
Eggs: Who's there?
Wolf: The big bad wolf.
Eggs: What do you want?
Wolf: Colored eggs.
Eggs: What color?

The wolf then shouts out a color... any kid with that color as his/her secret color runs to the end of the yard and back. If the wolf catches someone that kid becomes the new wolf... if not he/she remains the wolf for another round.

Anyone else remember this game?

I went on a school picnic with my daughter yesterday and I was surprised to hear the number of rhymes and clapping games that they have that are exactly the same or similar to the ones I remember.

What are some of your favorite rhymes from childhood?

Speaking of colored eggs...


  1. I've never heard of that game, but it sounds like fun.

    I quit coloring eggs a few years ago after my sons grew up. I kind of miss it around this time of year.

    Love your photos of the family and the egg coloring. Your little girls are so cute.

  2. I've never played that game either, but it sounds fun! I'm jealous of everyone who gets to dye Easter Eggs this year. I don't get to. *Sigh*

    Simply Kate

  3. Happy Easter Kunz Family!! Just minutes before we checked in with you guys the girls were chanting the rhyme about Bob who works in a button factory. I too am amazed at how the chants and rhymes get passed on- it's very comforting.



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