Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drinking Out of the Wrong Side of the Glass.

There are many folk remedies out there for curing the hiccups... but the ones that seem to work the best for me involve drinking water. Most people will tell you that the only way to get rid of the hiccups is just to wait it out (in fact the medical community insists that hiccup cures are all in your head). Given enough time, however, you will find that those same people have their own special cure that "works every time."

There are dozens of ways to cure the hiccups that involve using a glass of water. For example, you can drink water from the wrong side of the glass. Or, if you can figure it out, you can drink it upside down. You might try leaning your head all the way back and gulping it that way. Sometimes drinking water really fast works, but then again others swear that the slower the better. Should the water be room temperature or ice cold? You tell me... I've never really given it much thought. Some folks might have you drink the water through a straw or possibly through a paper towel placed over the rim of the glass. You can even try plugging your nose or your ears, oh hell, why not plug them both just for good measure. The possibilities go on and on. If just plain water doesn't work some say that vinegar, bitters or even lemonade should be added to the glass.

Personally I take my water straight up! I like to hold my breath while I count to ten and then down a 12 oz glass of water. It usually does the trick... but then again sometimes it doesn't.

How do you cure the hiccups?

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  1. I had heard hiccuping is just your diaphragm getting out of rhythm? So I just kind of hold my breath and try to get back on track? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Funny--I don't really even know what the diaphragm does!

  2. @ Dawn- The diaphragm helps you breathe... and it also helps you vomit and all that other digestive stuff... Yeah diaphragm!
    My voice teacher used to tell me to sing from the diaphragm... I always got a giggle from that one.

    @ Dyche-Thanks!

  3. The only thing that works for me to to have my husband hold his hand over my face so I can't breathe. Unfortunately last time I got them while we were at a restaurant so I just had to suffer. I didn't want to look like he was trying to kill me.

  4. This is great!
    The older I get, the less I get the hiccups. Hmmmm, wonder why?
    Drinking a glass of water or taking a spoonful of peanut butter does the trick for me. :)

  5. This is what my husband taught me to do (it sometimes works): take a long breath in with your mouth open and release immediately. Do it about 10 times. You can give it a try :)

    Someone once told me to gulp water odd number of times. I'm not sure if this works though :)



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