Thursday, June 9, 2011

A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!

Yesterday I discovered rhubarb. I have heard of this lovely fruit/vegetable before (it is technically a vegetable but it's classified as a fruit in the good ol' US of A) ... but before yesterday I had never sampled it's goodness. I had my first slice of rhubarb pie yesterday at a cafe in Wimberly, Texas. Today I was inspired to look into rhubarb and I discovered a wonderful online resource for everything rhubarb. Check out the rhubarb compendium for an awesome list of rhubarby-links to recipes, medicinal uses, limericks, natural pesticides and some other more unusual uses for Rheum x cultorum.

Or if (unlike me) you care to skip directly to the chase... you can just find a whole mess of recipes for rhubarb pie or you could check out a whole host of other possibilities for cooking with this celery look alike. I plan on looking for some of these stalks of tart goodness next time I hit the produce isle.

In addition to my first taste of rhubarb I also visited the Wimberly Glassworks and watched a glass blowing demonstration, shopped around the Wimberly square, and visited a few parks in the area. We tried to visit the Bonsai exhibit nearby... but there are no public restrooms (even for 6 year olds doing "the dance") so we were forced to cut the trip short.
We ended the day by meeting up with my husband for dinner at Brewster's Pizza. All and all it was a wonderful day out with the grandparents. Too bad I screwed up this lovely family photo with my rhubarb stained fingers.


And while I might not have made my rhubarb pie it is truly a vintage dessert so I am linking up at the Joy of Desserts for Vintage Recipe Thursday.


  1. LOL. That's the way to tie in a theme. :-) It works. Welcome to the rhubarb fan club. Thank you for the resource links and for participating in Vintage Recipe Thursday.

  2. I wonder if it would keep if I shipped you some or if it would wilt? I have enough rhubarb to feed an entire neighborhood. I've already made two batches of jam, a batch of strawberry rhubarb butter, and given away enough for someone to make a pie. I know it'll keep if you freeze it.

  3. @ Joy... I love to cook... but what I love even more is finding out interesting tidbits about the foods I eat. Thanks for the welcome... this is my second time to link up at your vintage recipe Thursday... and I'll be sure to come back.

    @Jordan... I would be willing to be a rhubarb shipping guinea pig if your willing to try shipping it. Did you grow it in your garden?

  4. I have been wanting to try rhubarb pie. Now I'm thinking its a must. Sounds yummy! Wishing you a happy week. :)

  5. My grandma made stewed rhubarb for us. It was basically rhubarb from her garden that she heated with a lot of sugar. My sister and I would even munch on it raw sometimes, more as a dare to see who could handle the sour taste.



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