Monday, June 6, 2011

Makeover Monday- Holy Guacamole!

Avocado the beauty fruit! Not only do they taste wonderful but they are great for your skin and hair. The vitamin A in them helps the skin look more youthful. The vitamin B works to balance your skin's oil production. And of course you can't forget vitamin E which helps protect skin from environmental damage such as the sun and pollution (a big plus in the summer months).

I cut open a lovely avocado for my dinner the other night only to find that it was a little overripe. Since I couldn't eat it I decided that (at almost a dollar a piece) I couldn't waste it either. I set it aside and waited until the kids were in bed to whip up my beauty product du jour. I usually do my beauty treatments with my husband... but for once I was glad he was out of town. I know... I know... nothing says sexy like guacamole smeared on your face and hair, but I guess I'm just not ready to take that step in our relationship.

All I did was mash up the avocado with a little almond oil (to make it smell and spread a little better) and then I spread it on my hair, face, and neck. I wrapped my hair in plastic wrap and a towel and then I sat back and watched a movie while I waited for the avocado to work it's magic (10-20 minutes). It was easy enough to spread it on my hair, but I had a little trouble getting it to stay on my face. Next time I think I'll spend a little more time mashing it up. I might even mix in an egg or some other ingredient to make it more spreadable while adding more nutrients to the mix.

Like most of the kitchen treatments I've tried I have to give this one a thumbs up. It was a bit messy and it was really yucky looking... but it made my skin feel fantastic and it didn't cost me a dime (the avocado would have gone to waste if I hadn't smeared it on my face). It also tastes better on chips than any other treatment I've tried so far. So if you ever find yourself with some leftover guacamole after a party don't let it sit in the fridge and turn brown... spread it on your face instead. That way even if you wake up feeling like you overindulged the night before, at least you'll look like a million bucks!

As always please feel free to leave comments or post a link to your blog. Also don't forget to visit The Zany Housewife... I'm not sure what makeover mayhem she's up to this week... but I look forward to finding out.


  1. Do you need to use almond oil? Or can I get away with something else? I'd love to give this a try before the wedding I have to go to this weekend...

  2. No need for the almond oil... just use the avocado... or throw in some olive oil if you have some. I've also read about combining banana and avocado and even some recipes that use eggs or honey.
    I went to a wedding last weekend and I did a salt facelift (I posted it for last weeks makeover Monday) the results were out of this world. It truly took some years off of my face at least for the evening.

  3. I forgot about the salt facelift! I'm going to check it out right now.

  4. I love that photo with the avocado all over your face. It's adorable. Jake and I always argue over avocados because they're so delicious, I hate how they're so expensive though. :(

  5. I love avacados. I wish I weren't so AWFUL at picking them out. =(

    It's been a long time since I've smeared avocado on myself. Going to need to do that again soon. :-D



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