Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ritual Beverages

No this is not going to be about ancient drinks brewed over fires to give warriors their strength or shamans their sight...Hallucinogenic potions that made the Berserkers go berserk... or magical brews consumed to commune with the spirit world. Sure these are ritual beverages... But I'm talking about something a little closer to home for most of us...tea and coffee.

My morning coffee is certainly a ritual that I can't give up. Even when I was pregnant I drank half-caf. I think that my record without my morning cup is two days. I was in living in Mexico at the time and staying with friends in Toluca... I refuse to drink Nescafe and that was all that I could find so I had to wait a few days to have a cup of the real thing... It has always seemed strange to me that a country that grows the stuff... and in every other circumstance prides itself on fresh ingredients... would consume so much Nescafe...but in many parts of Mexico that is all you can find.

My husband prepares the coffee pot for me in the morning before he leaves for work. All I have to do is turn on the stove. We use a stove top espresso maker and make Cafe Americano... All I need is one cup and I'm set for the day... Occasionally on weekends I'll have a second cup... I like to drink my coffee with two small teaspoons of sugar and milk...although I'll do without the extras and drink it black as long as the coffee is rich and flavorful.

I once toured a coffee plantation in Honduras. This is what a coffee bean straight off the bush looks like. Inside the red skin lies the bean surrounded by an oily nectar like substance. The greenish colored bean will later be roasted and find it's way to your breakfast table. I will write about that adventure another time...

I also love drinking a cup of TAZO Decaf Chai in the evenings before bed... It is not as tasty as the real thing... but it is decaf (a must for me in the evenings)... and it is so much easier to make than real chai. Just pour in hot water... brew for 4 minutes... remove the tea bag and add sugar and milk.... Such a soothing evening ritual.

Do you have any food or beverage rituals?


  1. I love my first cup in the morning and I am like you...I love it freshly made with our coffee hubby has his morning ritual and starts the coffee maker before getting ready for work so I wake to that wonderful aroma :) Do you grind you own beans..he have been doing that for a couple years the aroma this gives off also!

  2. Your Chai decaf in the evenings sounds delicious! I must admit, I'm a water and milk gal. I haven't had caffeine in over 15 years (except very low level like chocolate every now and then)...I had a few sips of an energy drink last summer and I felt sick and anxious/nervous! It was horrible!

  3. Coffee is my favorite ritual as well! Wonderful interpretation and I love the little facts about the coffee beans!

  4. I go to sleep at night dreaming of that first cup of "joe"...but I tend to drink the whole pot when I get up. :0 And by the way I have that same mug (We both must have good taste)! ;)



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