Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeding the Fairies

We went camping this weekend at one of our favorite spots... we don't just love it because of the swimming... although the sparkling spring water is delightful... but we love to hunt for fairies. Here is my oldest with net in hand waiting near a sprinkling of fairy dust to catch one coming out of a hole in a rock.

They like to eat grapes...or at least that is what the note said...

There is often a note exchange between the magical folk and the kids. My daughter who is usually the scientific type... believes in these magical creatures with all of her heart. She wanted to catch one... but she was just happy that they liked the food she left for them... She might have actually caught a glimpse of one fleeing the scene...

Translation for those of you not fluent in Kinderwrite...Can you have a party with me?

Once we even found a pair of fairy shoes in a hollow tree.

This little lizard was so friendly that my daughter thinks it might have been a fairy in disguise...

Apparently they live in holes in rocks... so be on the lookout next time your out in nature.



  1. I'm so impressed that your daughter would let the lizard crawl on her neck. I hope the fairies had a good meal with them.

  2. How sweet is that?! And fairy shoes? I love it. Love this post.

    That is all. :)

  3. We like the cute fairy shoes. Theresa says she loves you. We are still hunting for signs of fairies here in SA. We can't help but wonder what they look like here.



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