Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catching Up in the New Year....

It has been one thing after another lately. We had our computer crash over Thanksgiving weekend and it hasn't really worked properly since... that is until now... I'm saying that with fingers crossed hoping that the stars are aligned in my favor.

We spent Christmas down with the flu. The only person who escaped the plague was my husband. He showered us with movies and gatoraide to keep us hydrated and entertained and somehow we made it through. Thankfully we were all recovered by the new year and we were able to spend the holiday with friends at their lake house. I learned how to clean fish (a new year's resolution already taken care of)... and made a nice Italian style fish soup with the fruits of my labor.

I never got around to making cookies for Christmas... instead we put together a gingerbread house over New Year's weekend. The kids really enjoyed the project.

February is already almost half way over... and this is my first blog entry for the new year... but I have a lot of ideas saved up and I am cooking up new stuff everyday. I hope all is well with everyone.



  1. oh I was wondering why u didnt update ur blog b4. Hope ur computer will get fixed soon.
    look at that gingerbread house, so beautiful :)

  2. Hi Jenn,

    How have you been? That gingerbread house looks great!

    You should put a recipe for that Italian style fish soup and perhaps the fish cleaning steps... I'm serious. Maybe you know a smarter way of cleaning fish.

  3. @Endy... I think that it is all worked out. Hopefully I will be back to posting 2-4 times a week again. I can't wait to check in on your blog again.
    @SpoonandChopstick- Thanks for stopping by...I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog too. I can't find my soup recipe... but when I do I'm posting it. Good idea about the fish cleaning. Next time I go out to the lake maybe I'll do a more indepth photo shoot and go through the steps.

  4. I remember cleaning fish as a kid. Not sure I could do it now though. More squeamish for some reason! :-) Welcome back!

  5. Um, you GO GIRL for catching, cleaning, AND cooking with fish. I am forever envious.

  6. Hi Kunz Family! Your fish skinning reminds us of Little House on the Prairie. We love the gingerbread house. The candies look delicious. We miss you!
    Love, the Smiths



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