Monday, March 7, 2011

The beginnings of my herb garden....

I just started my herb garden for the spring... I've had some of my plants for years... but I had to go out and clean up... clear out and plant my new plants for the season... Here are a few pictures of what I have planted. I'm doing most of my garden in pots this year to prevent the dogs from digging them up... one of these days I'll fence off my kitchen garden so that I can plant what I want...

Lemon Balm

Spicy Glove Basil



Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme...these are some of my older more established plants. I am also growing mint and bee balm... I'll have more photos later.

Here is my daughter's strawberry patch...



  1. With the sun shining down, the herbs will grow magnificently. There are garden plots here that I may partake in because I don't have a yard yet. I hope as the season progresses you show the growth of your garden!

  2. your garden looks great! I really need to start planting now that we are finally in our own house!

  3. Looks lovely!! I can't wait for the snow to be gone here...another storm coming through this week. Do you dry your herbs?

  4. Nice herb garden. My daughter is in the process of planting one, too, and is really excited about it.


  5. This is so great, I wish I could do an herb garden!! Im afraid my Lab would eat the herbs. hes so Nice blog!!! You have a newbie

  6. Wow...I'm jealous. I kill anything green.

  7. Oh my, I soooo wish I could plant anything right now. We won't be seeing the ground for months still :) Lovely plants! Thanks for the blog visit & comment love!

  8. Ooh yay I just started one too. I had read that you can plant store bought green onions and if they get enough sun they'll grow. You just have to grow out the roots a little first by placing them in a small cup of water. I just started it yesterday so we'll see how it turns out.



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