Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nature vs Nutrisse: B.O.W With Bows In My Hair.

I have a vision of myself. I'm wearing jeans that fit me perfectly. My behind looks neither too large nor too small but as Goldilocks would say... just right. My hair isn't coiffed in the fanciest new doo, but it is perfect. My nails while not brightly colored are well manicured. My footwear is practical for a hike in the woods, but also exceedingly stylish. My camo t-shirt is composed of the perfect colors to bring out my eyes. AND I'm packin' heat. I'm on a hunting trip and damn I look good!

Women Fishing (not) Sexy Vintage Hunting Print

I want to bring home the venison, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he's a man.

Right now I'm a woman who is caught between two visions of herself.

1. In January I decided that as my New Year's resolution I was going to learn to clean the fish that I catch and that I was going to learn all about hunting. If possible I want to hunt, clean, and cook something totally hands on. This isn't going to be easy for me... I'm not a squeamish person, but I spent 15 years as a vegetarian and I don't take the life of animals lightly. I think that that is the main reason that I want to do it... and if I can't maybe I need to rethink my diet again.

2. The other vision of myself is part of my vow for lent to give up negativity. A big part of that is getting rid of the negative self image that has been creeping in. I am banishing the sweatpants , holey t-shirts, and sloppy doo-rags (the stay at home mom uniform) to the back of the closet and getting back to a more girly me. I went through my closet and ruthlessly threw away the stained, the out of fashion, and the just plain ugly.

I'm sprucing up my clothing, taking care of my skin, reintroducing exercise and just trying to make the best use of this 40 year old body that I can.

So this weekend I'm off on a BOW retreat. There I will be taking classes on astronomy, nature photography, geo-caching... and yes HUNTING. And I will be doing all this with a bunch of women. Perhaps we can trade make up secrets while we hike through the woods looking for game...

So any fashion or hunting tips anyone?


  1. Good for you!! I'm kind of going through the same thing, well not the wanting to hunt thing, yuk, but wanting to stash the mommy look and look a little more girly. Going through the closets too. Have fun on your retreat!

  2. You look pretty on ur age.. it's amazing u could stand for being as a vegetarian that long. And that thing for hunting... i support u! ;)



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