Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Salt magnifies the natural flavors of the food and is an essential part of seasoning. It is so much a part of the foods that we eat that we often take it for granted. Yet it is in our rituals, it is part of our language, and it has even changed history. Salt has been used as a preservative, a medicine, and a currency. It has a role in religious rituals and I dare you to count how many references to it are made in the bible. Salt might just be bigger than Jesus! Salt is so big that it can't be confined to such a tiny blurb on my blog... I could probably write a book on the subject.

Here are just a few expressions and idioms that we use every day:

Salt of the earth
Take it with a grain of salt
Worth his salt
Rub salt on a wound

Salt is also a traditonal housewarming gift in many traditions.

How is salt a part of your history... your lore... or you life?


  1. Oh salt, I love thee madly.

    I'm one of those people who prefer the salty to sweet. I try not to use it too much, but sometimes there is nothing better than a baked potato with real butter and a sprinkling of sea salt. *sigh*

    Isn't it funny how salt, among other things, are so accessible these days and how quickly we can forget that fact? I've been reading up on life on the Plains and even getting a tiny bag of sugar was considered quite the accomplishment.

    Now pardon me while I inhale a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips...

  2. Oh and salt is a great cleaner. Lamp shades (dry), coffee pots, you name it.

    Once again, salt I love thee madly.

    p.s. You're pretty rad too.

  3. I recently just learned salt was once used as currency! I think I'm just beginning to appreciate it in cooking. We didn't use salt growing up because my dad had a heart condition so I got used to food without it.

  4. Great post and response to the Sunday Creative prompt.



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