Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow... A change of seasons and a change of menu...

There is a cool breeze blowing outside... probably our last one until October. Summer is on it's way. What happened to spring you ask? Well I live in Texas and it doesn't last for long. The weather the past few days has been great for gardening. Just look at my garden a few weeks ago and then look at it now. The diffence is amazing. My basil is 5 times the size it was then. I love the spring, but I am mourning the end of the cool weather, and dreading the heat that will stick around longer than I'd like it to.. the heat that will wither my herbs if I forget for one day to water them.

Don't get me wrong. I love the river! I love swimming and I love the time I have for vacationing and fun. I just wish the cold fronts would show their face more often. So in honor of the cooler temperatures I decided to bake some bread and make some soup. I took a trip out the the garden to gather some herbs and snap some photos... and then back to the kitchen.


  1. Your herbs look wonderful...I'm so anxious to get out to the garden. I can't plant most of my garden until May. Wish I could send some of our cold your way! We're supposed to get slushy snow tomorrow. Fresh herbs in the soup sounds yummy. :-)

  2. Wow your plants are looking good! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Newest follower of your awesome site! :)

  3. Your plants looks awesome! I am jealous of that basil. My seeds are just now growing into small plants. They keep telling me that spring will come up here in New England. We have gotten 5+ inches of snow today and it's still falling so I'm not so sure of that yet. :)

  4. Your garden is fantastic! I hope to get mine expanded soon. My basil looks nothing like yours. lol. Dag nab it.

    Love the pictures, especially the last one. :)



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