Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tall Tale...

This week I wrote a little tall tale and put it to music. It is a little song about how I saved the universe with gravy... and why I wear suspenders. I can't put the music here... but if you have a hankerin' to sing it just bring Marty Robbins to mind (El Paso) and you'll be pretty darn close.

Late evening, mid August, a meteor shower

I was watching the show while drinking a brew.

But don't let my love for that particular beverage

Have you doubt for a moment my story is true.

In a spark that could have changed the heavens forever

Orion's belt buckle... it fell from the sky

If it had not have been for my extra quick thinkin'

The galaxy might've been lost in the blink of an eye.

For when the hunter's pants fell down round his ankles

His arrow released, but it didn't shoot true

And instead of it's mark it found the big dipper

And the old milky way it began to spill through.

With my Texas sized hat I caught the universe drippin's

I mixed them with flour and I made a thick roux

And with this thick gravy I patched the big dipper.

Thus holding on to the universe stew.

Then I searched high and low for the celestial belt buckle.

But it had turned into ash from it's journey through space.

So I hitched up my pants with a pair of suspenders

And tossed my own buckle into it's place.

So now every summer at each Perseid's

I know my belt buckle is worn with great pride.

That's no distant sun that keeps his pants from the earth,

But the lone star of Texas... the state of my birth.

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