Monday, September 13, 2010


Making brownies from a box may seem like a simple activity... but it is a great way to get your kids into the kitchen. I learned to love cooking by helping my grandmother stir cheese powder into macaroni for family dinners and I also learned things about science and math without even realizing it.
I prefer to make foods from scratch... but Betty Crocker sure makes it simple! My kids are able to look at the illustrations on the back of the box and gather all the ingredients together by themselves. Then I preheat the oven and we mix it up while talking about temperature, learning fractions, and making predictions about how and why baking will change the batter into brownies. The kitchen becomes a delicious science lab where the reward is a chewy chocolate-y treat. You can even substitute apple sauce or mashed bananas for half the oil if you are feeling like making it a healthier experiment as well.

Here's my littlest helper greasing the pan.

They each take a turn at stirring...

And we play a game of ABC go fish while we wait for the results of our experiment.

mmmmmm..... the results are a delicious treat that they can share with the whole family.



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