Friday, September 17, 2010

Dim Sum

Recently my husband and I visited T and S Seafood in Austin for some Dim Sum. We got a sitter (Thanks Logan!) and had a Sunday morning/afternoon date in the city. Dim Sum and a pot of hot tea really hits the spot sometime and this was one of those times. We enjoyed char siu baau (a bun filled with BBQ pork),Sticky rice, a variety of dumplings and pot stickers, shrimp encased in the skin of a jalapeno, and a really good shrimp and seaweed concoction. I've had better dim sum in San Fransisco... but I think that over all my favorite place to get dim sum in Austin is at T and S.

The words Dim Sum mean "to touch the heart"... and while I don't know if it touches my heart (unless you are talking about the greasy fingers of saturated fat) it's a lot of fun and I usually walk away from the table with a satisfied feeling that isn't totally about my full belly. I love selecting food from the carts that are brimming with mysterious treats. Certainly some of the foods aren't my style... I always pass on the chicken feet... and anything with tripe in it still makes this X-vegetarian's skin crawl... but overall I try to be adventurous.

Tea is an important part of the experience... both personally and historically. The tradition of Dim Sum is Cantonese and began in tea houses along the silk road... but now it is a custom celebrated throughout China. It has spread to the U.S. through Chinese immigration... and I'm so happy that it did. While many restaurants serve Dim Sum all day for the most part it is best eaten at brunch . This makes it the perfect weekend meal. Dim Sum is fun for two... but it is even better with a group because it give you the opportunity to try small portions of a wider variety of dishes. If you haven't already experienced Dim Sum I highly recommend it!


  1. The only time I've tried Dim Sum was in San Francisco on our last-trip-before-baby in 1999. I've never had it anywhere else since I doubted it would compare, but since we are in Austin I can't wait to give your recommendation a try.

  2. Shanghai Chinese & Dim Sum near highland mall is also really good... and the atmospere is a little classier. I like the food at T and S better... but the decor is a bit shabby... I find it a fun place, however, with seafood in tanks right there and fun people watching.

  3. Yummy.... I love dim sum! It's spreading all over the restaurants here, well u know, so many chinese ppl living in my country.. sometimes when there's a wedding party, they serve dim sum, and it's one of my fave foods. I love seafood too specially mussels.. mmm im thinking of it now :D



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