Thursday, September 9, 2010

I got this lovely blog award from Endy Eats and Cooks. We share an interest in celebrating food... especially spicy foods... and I've been reading her blog for a while now. I'm glad to know that she enjoys my blog as much as I enjoy hers. Thanks Endy!

In order to accept this award I have to tell people 7 things that they might not know about me... so here goes.

1. I dream of playing the accordion well. I even own one that I bought on Ebay... not this beauty (this was a loner)... but a broken piece of junk that has been sitting in my closet since I bought the thing. I'm probably going to sell it at my garage sale this weekend if anyone is interested... and maybe someday when I have a windfall of money... I will brave Ebay again and try to find one that actually works. For now I will be content in the knowledge that I taught myself how to play Hank William's Jambalaya and attend the International Accordion Festival in October. At the moment I take guitar classes at a Mariachi Academy. It is a much more practical instrument... and my husband is (not so) secretly happy that my dreams of being the polka queen have yet to be realized.
2. I love Indian food and really love a good buffet. My favorite dish is Malai Kofta... veggie dumplings swimming in a spicy sauce.

3. I was once a cheerleader. I'm the little one with the pig tails..

4. I was once in a dinner playhouse version of The Sound of Music. I played Marta... and I still remember at least one of my 5 lines in the musical... and I know all the songs by heart.

5. I love reading young adult science fiction and fantasy books. Sure I've read the classics and I like to read "literature" as well... but young adult sci-fi is my guilty pleasure: Eion Colfer, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, Scott Westerfeld, Ursula LeGuin... etc...

6. I wear a bandana in my hair EVERYDAY. It is kind of a running joke with my friends. The only exception is right after I get a haircut I try for a few days... a week tops... to do my hair in the mornings. But otherwise it is pulled back from my face with a colorful bandana. I also like flowing skirts, richly colored scarves and yes... even gaudy costume jewelry... but I really can't be bothered with accesories... EXCEPT my handy dandy bandana.

7. I'm not really a big fan of cats. I had a cat once... and my husband had one when we got married... but I find life better without one in the house. I don't like cat boxes or the smell of cat food. I more of a dog person... and besides I keep fish...

and here are the links to the blogs I'd like to award...
Blue Frog Legs
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These are blogs I've discovered recently and really enjoy reading.


  1. Thank you VERY MUCH for this honour :) I love that you can play the accordion !!!

  2. Thanks very much Jenn ;)You look cute with the bandana and I am a dog person my self.

  3. That accordion is HUGE!!!!! But you shouldn't give up on playing it... just get a smaller one:) Accordion playing is fun.

  4. U were a cheerleader? cool...
    u look sweet with that bandana too.
    I'm waiting for your next spicy recipes :)



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