Friday, September 24, 2010

Jalapeno Cream Corn

Dinner last night was good. I tried out a side dish that I hadn't made since my restaurant days and it was tasty and easy. I thought I'd show the recipe here... along with what dinner looked like on a typical Thursday night at the K household.

First I dipped chicken breasts in an egg and coated them with progresso bread crumbs. I gave the bottom of my cast iron a coating of olive oil and then cooked the breasts until golden brown and the chicken was cooked through. It is not the healthiest preparation of chicken... but it is certainly lower in fat than traditional fried chicken and it was tender and good. I have also cooked chicken this way in the oven before... but sadly despite the arrival of fall... summer is still holding on to a little of the heat and the oven seemed like a bad idea.

Every night we have some sort of fresh fruit and salad on the table. On this night it was melon and spinach salad... The salad is in the bag...très chic...but hey I'm a practical woman and who wants to wash out a big salad bowl if you don't need to? We set the table every night and have a family dinner together.

Finally the Jalapeno Cream Corn. This is not that gloopy cream style corn from a can (that I loved as a kid... but kind of find creepy as an adult). This is corn with cream cheese and jalapenos. It is very simple to make...All you need is a 1 lb. bag of frozen corn (or if corn is cheap and in season then use fresh for even better results), 4 oz of cream cheese, 2 T. butter, and jalapenos to taste. 1. Cook the corn according to the package directions. 2. Drain fully 3. Add all the other ingredients, stirring it until the cheese and butter are fully melted. Wah-la that's all there is to it.

Dinner is served!


  1. MMmmm, Totally mmmmmm :)
    Just wanted to thank you once again for the award :)

  2. The creamed corn looks so good! I am going to jot this down. I think Coach would really enjoy it... and the chicken looks wonderful too! (I can live without the spinach salad ha!)

  3. I totally loved canned creamed corn when I was a kid. As an adult, I tried it and couldn't figure out what I ever liked about it!! lol! Your recipe looks good, might have to give this one a try too! Thanks! Dawn

  4. I love chicken in that way, but I never tasted creamed corn.
    And I totally understand why you don't want to wash salad ;)
    Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    And if you enable the email on your profile, people can answer by it.
    Have a great week end.

  5. My mouth is watering! Not a good thing at ten in the evening! :) I saw your post at the Redhead Riter Community.

  6. I love the chicken recipe with bread crumbs! The cream corn is perfectly serve with the chicken! ill try this soon!



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