Friday, June 11, 2010


My project from yesterday's creative prompt... the word "grow"... isn't something that I can fit onto the pages of a blog... There was also a journal prompt that had to do with reexamining my youth through music and going back to the desires of youth to find creative inspiration...that will probably be an easier topic to cover here although it has little to do with food, foodlore, or my medium. I'm not a particularly nostalgic person so my musical tastes of the 1980's might remind me of a specific person or inspire certain memories... but they don't really bring me back to the desires of my youth. It is not that music doesn't inspire me... I just don't feel like I felt things more deeply when I was young or that my desires for the future were more "wide open" than they are today. I'm just a month shy of 40 right now and I feel like things are more dynamic in my life now than they ever have been. At my age I'm more likely to cook without a recipe, sew without a pattern, write for the joy of it... or just sing a silly song. Youth has it's own restraints.

What the prompts did, however, were to coax my guitar out of the closet. I haven't picked it up since my guitar class ended for the summer. Instead of listening to songs of my youth I decided to play a few. For my creative project about growth I ended up writing a song....not really my medium I know... but the song mentions food in it so it'll have to do. I don't currently have a way to present it here... and since the words are only half of it I will just wait until I can post a recording... but until then here are a few photos about growth... Our first tadpoles are turning into frogs.

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