Saturday, June 12, 2010



It would be a stretch to call sun tea a work of art... although on a hot day in Central Texas it is certainly something that can bring you closer to the divine. Making sun tea is an act of creativity, however... blending herbs and teas to make something special. It was a fun creative project that I could share with my kids that had a finished product that could be enjoyed by all...

It stared with a trip to the garden.

Mint and lemon balm were chopped (by me) and photographed (by my daughter).

Now everything is ready to go into the tea ball.

The "tea kettle" is an old pickle jar with the label scoured away, cleaned with baking soda to remove the vinegar flavors and sterilized in bleach.

Now all there was to do was wait. It doesn't take long in the hot Texas sun. We had tea ready to go in a clean pitcher and cool down in the fridge after only a few hours. It was nice and cool by dinner time last night.

Making sun tea brings to mind Hiroyuki Morita movie The Cat Returns...and the Barons "special blend of tea" .... I can't guarantee the's different every time.

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