Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is the first tomato from my garden... Well actually it's the second (the first went into a care package to some friends who just had a baby), but it's the first tomato I've had the pleasure to enjoy. My daughter picked the tomato, we sliced it up, drizzled it with olive oil, and sprinkled on a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I'm not really that much of a raw tomato fan. I probably would be if tomatoes weren't sold year round... in season or out. I've had too many experiences of biting into a sour or mealy tomato and being completely turned off to the flavor. I'm pretty sensitive to off textures in tomatoes. That said a perfect tomato... perfectly in season... grown by my own hands is a work of art.

I have a whole vine full of tomatoes that are beginning to turn red. Most of them will probably be served exactly like this. It looks like tomato salad is on the menu for the rest of the month. Maybe I'll buy some fresh mozzarella on my next trip to the store... or just chop up some the basil and oregano I have growing so plentifully.... ahhh the taste of summer.


  1. Oh- that looks fabulous. I can smell it and taste it. mmmmmmmm

  2. Looks sooo yummy! What kind of olive oil do you use?

  3. Thanks! I use the extra virgin olive oil from Central Market. It is made from Arbosana olives. Central Market is an upscale generic from a store similar to Whole Foods in the Texas area. Our local grocery store is affiliated with Central Market so they sell their products... they are good and very resonably priced.



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