Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There'll Be Some Changes Made and the Happiness Project.

I skipped my Makeover Monday post yesterday. It was the first day of school for my oldest daughter and I was busy in the morning helping her prepare for school and soothing my jealous little one. I took it easy on the writing this summer as well, and I gotta say that I'm happier for it.

So I've made a decision. I'm going to cease all the pointless networking that I've done to get this blog going and just make it what it is destine to be... a blog about my adventures in cooking and eating. I'm still going to participate occasionally in the hops that I enjoy (52 weeks of happiness and what I love Wednesdays), and I'm still going to post my Makeover Monday posts when I feel inspired, but I'm not going to scramble around looking for followers who probably never visit again after they push that follow button. I'm also going to slim down my reading list to include only the blogs that I really read. My feed is so full of clutter that I have missed out on a lot of interesting stuff.

This may sound like a lot, but the truth is that it is not going to change what I write or even what I like to read. It is only going to change the amount of energy that I put into it. I would like to put all my energy into writing and stop worrying about the stats altogether. I'm also going to start concentrating more on my other blog... Worth a Knit. I am in the process of getting my Etsy business going again, and my worth a knit blog is more connected with that pursuit. While foodlore and food writing are my passions my crafts of crochet, knitting and weaving are something that have more promise for turning into a future profession.

But enough with the idle chit chat... and on to the meat of the post... Happiness.

This weekend my older daughter's last "official" weekend of summer. So we decided to have as much fun as possible. We started out by having a fun Friday night. We visited friends, ate home style Mexican cooking, and took an evening dip in the pool.

Handmade tortillas with lots of wonderful toppings and fillings.

Inspiration in the kitchen... A friend from Mexico made these wonderful tortillas and I need to try my hand at it more often. They were so wonderful and fresh that my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We stayed up a little late having fun in the pool before returning home. The kids had a blast and so did we.

After a fun Friday we decided to go geocaching on Saturday. On our run we discovered a really cool pirate cache for the kids. It was the complete package... the key, the treasure chest and even a pirate flag.
My little pirate's discover the loot.

A quick salute as they raise the pirate flag.

On the way home my little scientist had to stop to check out these huge bails of cotton.

So what did you do this weekend?



  1. Your food looks so yummy! Love the big bails of cotton!

  2. I recently trimmed my blog reading list. So happy I did. It seems funny to me that the little one is jealous that the big one has school. If only she knew that by the time she is finished with school, she'll wish she could go back to a time when there was no school or work and there was only play.

  3. i have followed the same suit... i am done trying to lure readers... when i moved to my new site i lost many followers... but my READERS stuck with me... and that is more valuable... people who read and occassionally comment... in the end, my writing is for me... and for my kid/grandkids - it's a document/story of my life for them

    trimming down the reading list is hard to do... i did that recently too... i realized that there were so many blogs i was following that there was no way i had time to read, much less leave substantial comments, on any of them...

    i love the sense of community that comes from leaving comments... that's what i look for...

    woot! hope your summer went well!

    those hand made tortillas look fabulous!! i wonder if there such thing as a low carb tortilla... there must be lol

  4. That cotton bale is pretty amazing!

    And your homemade tortillas look very tempting.


  5. When we moved south, the cotton bales were soooo intriguing! Very fun that your daughter got to check them out. :)

  6. I'm at the same place. My online life is cutting into my off-line life. I feel like it is a failure on my part that I can't keep up with everything, but it just isn't natural. You have the right idea about putting your energy where you find value and happiness.



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