Sunday, July 17, 2011

Makeove Monday: I'm bananas about this face mask!

We are always looking for a way to turn back the clock... a miracle cure that will make us young again... the fountain of youth. Isn't that what everyone wants? To tell you the truth I wouldn't turn back the clock for anything! I haven't spent 41 years on this earth for nothing. I've learned a lot of things, experienced a bunch of really cool stuff, and I have earned every wrinkle and gray hair that I have. Sometimes, however, I'd like to make those wrinkles just a little less noticeable. That is why I love my weekly pampering sessions.

This week while I was searching through books, the Internet, and finally my pantry...I found a recipe that was suppose to erase all those tiny lines that time has etched on my face and all I needed was a banana. And not even a whole banana....just a 1/4 piece of that little yellow fruit would be enough to make me look young again. What did I have to lose? My daughter had eaten half a banana earlier that day and so instead of putting the other half on the compost pile or freezing it for a smoothie I mashed it up and spread it all over my face.

It felt a bit sticky and cold (I had to dig it out of the freezer), but if it could erase my wrinkles I could endure the discomfort. After about a 20 minutes I rinsed it off and found that my skin was firmer and very soft. Was it the miracle cure that erased the wrinkles from my face? No not really... but it did make me feel good and my skin is thanking me for the extra care. I will definitely use this one again.


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  1. HAHAHAH!! Um so we must be on the same wavelength because I made a banana face mask as well!!! That's nuts. Er nanas.

  2. With all the bananas we have here at home, I think I'll give it a try!

  3. That is a great idea! I've never heard of bananas being good for the skin like that. genius.



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