Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Fall Renewal...

My garden experienced a bit of a ugly death as the summer heat burned it to a crisp. I didn't think that my mint plant would make a recovery... or my sage... but it looks like everything is coming back beautifully with the cooler fall temperatures. I've even planted a couple of new cooler weather plants like my cilantro. I don't have any vegetable growing right now... but my herb garden is still coming along. Here are some photos of my garden this fall:

Here is my mint plant... like a phoenix rising from the ashes... a few green buds grow on the brown and withered stems.

My sage too is making a recovery.

Here is my new addition... a cilantro plant that has tripled in size in just a few weeks since I replanted it in this larger pot.
Here is another new addition... a thyme plant... I usually like to plant it in the ground... but due to my dogs I decided to start this one out in a pot until it grows to a size where it is capable of fending for itself.

My basil is looking a little worse for wear... but the oregano is, as always bushy and beautiful... and the plant on the left is, I believe, lime kaffir. I had no idea when I bought it... but I believe it is a citrus shrub with edible leave... I can't wait to see how it grows. It has already grown by leaps and bounds since I purchased it in the spring.

My rosemary plant is about the same age as my oldest daughter...5... and while it is not as tall as she is it makes up for it in overall size.


  1. i love your herbs! you must tell me the secret to growing cilantro! i hate having to buy it from the grocery store in a large bunch - i never use it all before it goes bad :( and my last [and only] attempt to grow it was unsucessful

  2. I buy a healthy looking seedling and keep it in a sunny spot... but not full sun. It loves fall and hates summer... other than that I just treat it like my other herbs. I too hate having a slimy stump of cilantro in the fridge when I fail to use it all.



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