Monday, October 25, 2010

Extending the Table

I have this really great cookbook that I use all the time. I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. It is called Extending the Table:

It has a lot of really wonderful and simple recipes in it that are inexpensive to make. The recipes have been collected by missionaries in countries all around the world. I don't go to church myself... but you don't need to to understand the language of hospitality in this book. My mom and dad picked up this book for me a couple of years ago on a vacation...and I have been using it at least weekly ever since. Most of the recipes use everyday ingredients that you can easily pick up at the grocery store and yet they come together to make fun and exotic dishes that keep your table interesting.


  1. Simple and inexpensive? Sign me up, please. And by simple do you really mean simple? Because I can mess up a recipe for making toaster waffles...

  2. Well maybe not as easy as toaster but most of the recipes are pretty easy to make.

  3. Gonna check this book in the book store, maybe i can find it, but if not... i wish that u can share some of the recipes here on ur blog :P

  4. Sounds interesting...going to check to see if it's on Amazon. Thanks for sharing!



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