Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Apple Of My Eye...

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away… so I thought I’d share some tips on how to divine the name of your one true love for those of you who find yourselves without one this year.

The answer lies in an apple. Doesn’t it make sense that the fruit plucked from that famous tree in Eden…the one that bestowed knowledge and shame on Adam and Eve… would hold the secrets of love and passion? Isn’t it possible that the apple that inspired Sir Isaac Newton in his studies of gravity could inspire you in your own gravitational experiments? And why couldn’t a magic apple ultimately lead you to experience love’s first kiss in the arms of your prince charming? You naysayers out there may shout… fairytales… wives tales… nonsense.. you may even remind me how in a previous blog I gave the fig the title of forbidden fruit. All I have to say is that this is folklore folks… and the story is much more important than the truth.

Here are a few ways that an apple might help you find your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:

1. Give an apple the name of someone special. Cut the apple in half and that person will experience love for you.

2. Name several apple seeds after possible suitors. Throw them into a hot pan. The first one to pop is your true love.

3. Peel an apple in one continuous strip. Throw the peeling over your left shoulder while chanting “Apple peel, apple peel, twist then rest. Show me the one that I‘ll love best.” The peel will land in the shape of the first letter of the name of your one and only.

4. Name two apple seeds and place them on your eyelids. Wink one eye and then the other. The first one to fall off is your future spouse.

5. Or you could always try this aphrodisiac recommended by pharmacists in ancient Persia: “Nine apple seeds ground together with the whiskers of a man who has been brutally killed, a few grains of barley retrieved from a grave, the blood of a worm, a black dog, and of the second finger of the left hand, mixed with semen and stirred into a glass of wine.”

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  1. no thanks on the aphrodisiac BUT i did like the

    "All I have to say is that this is folklore folks… and the story is much more important than the truth."

    J Frank Dobie couldn't have said it better himself!!



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