Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Trip to the Market...

I do most of my produce shopping at Cuevas Produce. I got all of this beautiful produce for 7 dollars... I would have paid more than that just for the pineapple and the strawberries at the local grocery. I always go to Cuevas first to see what they have and then I head over to do the rest of my shopping at the grocery. I'll write more about Cuevas at a later date... it is a wonderful small business with a lot of local history and tons of fascinating urban legends surrounding it.
On Tuesdays from 3 -6 we have a farmer's market. Some days after I pick up my oldest from school we will stop by to pick up something fresh and delicious from the local farmers. I bought some wonderful spicy greens last time I stopped by... and of course the girls picked out some pumpkins for Halloween on another visit.

We took a field trip to Central Market in Austin recently. We decided that we would take a photo of my little one here in front of the pumpkins instead of paying an arm and a leg to visit the pumpkin patch... They had an incredible selection of gourds, winter squash and pumpkins on display.

Central Market also has a whole host of other cool things to see. Fresh baked breads... a huge coffee and tea selection... cheeses and olives... you name it and they probably sell it.

And of course who can forget the figs...


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  2. a huge coffee and tea selection... cheeses and olives... oh my my.... if i were there then i might spending more than 3 hours to shop,lol

  3. Looks like a great market. Here in Colorado everything is seasonal and I really miss the Farmer's Market that used to come to our community. Enjoy!



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