Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pat-A-Cake like an Egyptian

First they mix the dough in the machine- Yeast, water flour and salt.

Then the dough is made into small circles, coated with flour made from the wheat hull and left to rise.

The dough is left to rise.

The bread is then fed into a conveyer belt oven.

It comes out hot and fat.

The bread is then cooled briefly, put in bags and sold for 50 piastre each.

There are many things "Baladi" in Egypt: baladi music, baladi dogs, baladi dance and baladi dress... but the best is baladi bread. Baladi is a word comparable to the word folk in English. It used to describe objects that are indigenous or common in the streets and countrysides here. You can find baladi bread being sold off of date palm cooling racks (pictured above) on street corners all over Egypt. The best way to buy it however is straight from the oven like at the bakery we visited above. Mmmmmm.

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