Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rudolph the red nosed pizza,

Ready for the oven

Frosty the snow pizza


The kids decided to get in the Christmas spirit while making pizzas for dinner the other night.  Luci likes her pizza without sauce so she made a frosty the snowman pizza. and Mina made hers into Rudolph. A good friend introduced me to ready made pizza crusts here.  I know I could make my own crust, and sometimes I do, but on busy nights these are a quick fix.  They sell them in a three pack so it is perfect for the family.  I just need a small jars of sauce, some Panda cheese (I told the girls that it was made from real Panda milk... I don't think they believed me) and some chopped up veggies and black olives and wah la dinner is served.  Each girl can decorate a pizza and I can make one with anchovies on half and jalapenos for me and the husband.  It makes a quick, fun, and economical meal on nights when we are on the run.

The delivery pizza here is pretty bad.  There is a Dominoes  and a Papa John, and I think there is a Pizza Hut as well, but I didn't like their pizza in the States and I don't like them here in Egypt either.  Some of the pizza toppings are odd too.  They don't use pork products so they substitute smoked veal, chicken peperoni, and beef sausages.  My husband told me that when he lived here in the 80s there was a restaurant that they went to that served a pizza with potato chips on it and the everything pizza had a fried egg in the middle. I haven't seen anything that weird yet, but I have seen tuna pizzas and hot dog pizzas.  There is an Italian restaurant Paul and I went to on date night recently and their pizzas looked fantastic. 

I miss the pizza from Italian Garden in San Marcos and the hand crafted beers from Brewster's Pizza in Wimberly.  I wish I could click my heels together and find myself home, but until then pizza nights with the kids is a whole lot of fun.



  1. I made homemade pizza last night, but it wasn't as festive as your kids' version. :)



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