Monday, January 23, 2012

A Felucca on the Nile

The lovely hike at the Wadi on Friday was hard to top, but we might have done it on Saturday.

We spent Saturday morning hanging around at the apartment.  Paul let me sleep in while the kids played and he did a little writing. After a relaxing morning we went down to road 9 at around 11am to run some errands, do some shopping, and then grab some lunch.

My older daughter bought this lovely scarf.   You can't really tell from the photo, but it has skulls on it.  So not only is it pretty, it is tough too.  Just her style.  My younger daughter bought herself a little camel figure made of sandalwood, and my husband bought me a wall hanging  (I will post a photo of once I have it hanging on the wall).   Everyone got a chance to practice their haggling skills.  I'm not sure if we got the best deals possible, but we all liked what we got and enjoyed the shopping.

After poking around in a few shops we had lunch at a wonderful place called the Dragon House.  It was a perfect choice for the Chinese New Year.  They serve Chinese, Thai, and Indian food. We went there our second day in town and enjoyed it so much that we thought it was worth another visit. We had a good meal and then we went home to grab a few things before catching a cab to the main event.

A felucca ride on the Nile...

What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. We enjoyed the company of new friends while sipping beers, enjoying the scenery, and having a snack. A couple of people brought guitars so we played a little music and watched the world go by. I loved it! The boats are roomy and there is plenty of space to share the ride with a group... but the price is reasonable enough to consider just making it a romantic sunset ride for two. I can't wait to do it again.

If you look to either side of the boat you can even see the great pyramids in the distance... What a lovely view!



  1. I am so sorry you got robbed. I have never been to Cairo or Egypt, but for sure it is a exhiting place. Travelling with kids make it much more interesting. Seeing things from a different view and perspective. Have a safe trip home

    1. Well home is now in Cairo... at least for the next year and a half. I'm really enjoying my experience overall and I'm not going to let the theft of a little money color it too much.

  2. Oh, the Nile! Looks and sounds fabulous!

    1. I think that it has been the best part of our experience so far.

  3. Found your blog just now through Zany Housewife and I'm already loving reading about your Egyptian adventures! I spent a very brief amount of time in Tangier when I was 13 and would give anything to go back and see more of Egypt. For now, I will do it vicariously through you!

  4. Oh my Darling!
    What a LOVELY time... I need to go back and check on the start of your adventures... Be safe... blowing kisses... xoxo



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