Tuesday, November 29, 2011

52 weeks of Happiness: Thanksgiving Weekend and an Update.

For Thanksgiving this year we had a lovely time. We had family and friends over for a potluck Thanksgiving. We had tons of food and a lot of fun together.

After Thanksgiving we were invited on a camp out with some good friends.  We had a great time walking through the woods, making s'mores, and spending time together at Buescher State Park.

After long weeks of going back and forth about the big move we are really getting things moving. We were worried last week when unrest began in Cairo... but now that the elections are moving along as planned we have begun moving forward again. I will probably not be posting much during this busy time... but I'm sure once we are settled in I will have tons of photos and news to share.



  1. What cute pictures!! I think the one with the bone in her mouth is priceless!!! Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I love your photos of your holiday. Sounds like one that I would enjoy.

    Good luck with your move. You will be in my thoughts. :)

  3. oh my god you're moving to egypt soon? hopefully it's gonna be a great new home for u n family. I miss ur mexican food recipes.. bet, later u will post arabian food,lol
    btw, that park looks awesome, love all the pics

  4. Wheeeeeeeeeere oh wheeeeeeere is my dear friend Jenn? Oh where oh wheeeeere could she beeee?

    Been thinking about you and the fam. I hope you guys are doing good. When is the big move?



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